Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sh*t on a Shingle (aka S.O.S.)

1 T Butter
1 Cup Flour
Evaporated milk, 12 oz can
1 Cup Beef Broth from about one cube of the dried stuff.
1 Tsb dried Parsley
1 Tsb Pepper
1 Can of Chipped or Corned Beef
2 or 3 pieces per person of bread for toast

In a sauce pan or big frying pan melt the butter on medium heat and add the flour and brown it. Now this is making a rou and I was surprised to see the French culinary influence in this dish. Add the cup of Beef broth and can of Evaporated milk and bring it almost to a boil while stirring it with a fork or a whisk. Stir in the can of beef and break apart with your spoon. stir in the parsley and pepper and once the sauce is at the desired amount of lumpiness place the toast on a plate and drench it in the stuff.


Andrea said...

Have you tasted this SH*T on a shingle?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this might taste like crap!